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Congratulations to them. I wish I had the retail balls they displayed.


What's the worst he can do, fire th........oh wait.:)

Retail balls indeed.


It was so close to perfect. But the word they were looking for was role, not roll.


I keep thinking of that poor roll being abused. :( It's helpless! Why abuse the roll.

Other than that word, perfection!


Retail Balls indeed... and yet I'm worried that the corporate office will attempt some sort of litigation against these three. As I understand it, malls levy fines for stores that are not open during the mall hours. And the loss in sales that this caused. And the significant negative publicity. And they'll have difficulty finding new work when (not if, but when) this becomes linked to them. Few prospective employers would be willing to risk this happening to them as well.

rEtAiL dEaTh

I think they're probably fine, Kitai. This is a publicity nightmare and Journey's will want it to go away. They don't want to risk a very public trial in which they have to embrace the policy that manager is enforcing..."cancer is not an excuse" is not something they want to publicly stand behind! Besides, associates at any level are beneath their notice, so I doubt they would sue them :D



It's rare situations like this when working in an 'At Will' state is to the employees advantage (if these people did). They can quit whenever and for whatever reason they please. Seeing how they went about it, they thought and planned this through ahead of time, so I'm guessing they realized the risks and that it would mean they couldn't use their employers at Journey as references in the future.
Yes, malls do hit stores with fines for not being open during hours when they're supposed to be, but that's not these people's problem...they don't work there any more.

I also doubt the company will deem it worth while to take legal action. Even if they win the legal costs could easily be more than they might be awarded. Plus, if there's any truth to the 'cancer isn't an excuse' comment they risk a PR nightmare, because the media and public aren't likely to side with them on that. From their POV it's cheaper and easier to just forget it and hire new people. It's retail, they're more than used to high turn-over.

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