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You can get almost anything from a Japanese vending machine, milk, rice, soda, beer, sushi, popcorn...


... used underwear...

Heheh, actually I heard they'd banned those a while back... but it's still hilarious that you could get them at one point. And of course, a little disturbing.

I just looked it up 'cause I was curious how they prevented underage kids from using the booze machines, turns out they started phasing them out in 2000 for that exact reason. Poop.


They have vending machines for live crabs, lobsters, chickens, pet roaches, and pet rhinoceros beetles!


You can buy pretty much anything in vending machines in Japan. Ties, clean underwear, jewelry. A fellow foreign teacher near where I lived apparently had a porn vending machine across from his apartment. It had curtains and everything to keep children from seeing the wares.


DannyBoi - Nope they were everywhere when I went in 2010! The internet says a lot of false things, especially about Japan. That said, I /think/ there may have been some sort of scanner that required you to insert ID. I don't know, I was underage in Japan anyways, and didn't have local ID to try with. I'm positive the smoke vending machines did, though.

But yeah, everything in the vending machines in Japan. Nothing new here.


For any wondering, Pennyforyourthoughts is correct - the beer vending machines (and cigarette ones) require a card to be pressed up against it to confirm you're old enough to buy what's inside. If anyone is from the UK, it's like an Oyster Card for booze and tobacco.
If you see in the picture, there is a little box thing with some green circles and writing next to them - that's what that box is; the scanner.
I managed to pick one an ID when I went this last December as it is really useful(my brother is at Uni there, and I have friends who live in the country). The prices aren't too bad either!


Think about how many custies you could direct to one of these things! o_O

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