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Bored at the Bookstore

As one who spent time in the typing pool.... Boy, does this bring back memories! I remember one where we had to type (perfectly, no errors or erasures allowed) engineering safety reports written by engineers who could not write legibly, could not spell, and had no clue about sentence construction. Horrible job. When you finally finished one (anywhere from one to twelve or more pages), the Typing Supervisor would proofread it - if she found any error, you had to re-type that page. I still have nightmares about typing the same blinkin' page nine times,

One place, all I typed all day, every day, was shipping/packing orders. At least they didn't care if you X'd out something, as long as the end result was legible - four carbons, btw, and manual typewriters.

Another company used the typing pool as a resource - it was the ONLY way to move up in the business from new-hire to file clerk, to secretary, to administrative assistant. Of course, girls from the pool could never hope to become an executive!

Book Baby

Ummm, I hate to correct you, but milk men are still around! We have one who delivers to us every Wednesday.


Bored: There is still a vestige of the typing pool... a friend used to have a job transcribing doctor's written directions, and had much the same problem. Illegible handwriting, and despite having one or more phuds, internet-forum-level spelling abilities.

Book baby: Someone who delivers only milk and milk related products? Or a grocer who delivers milk in addition to other stuff? Schwans' will deliver milk too...

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