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Miss Red

I could never understand what prompted people to be so selfish and arrogant as to steal a co-worker's lunch. Fortunately, I have never been a victim of a lunch thief.

NC Tony

Luckily no one has ever stolen my lunch either, but after reading other sites (and of course here), I have creative ideas for revenge if it ever did happen to me. I usually eat before I leave for work anyway, so it's not even an issue for me anymore.

chelteham dude

Not at work but similar - when I was living in Halls of residence at university, there was a guy who was always helping himself to everyone elses food (frozen, tinned or fresh - this guy didn't care, I guess he was determined to avoid buying food himself), which myself and everyone else got tired of.

Our solution was that we spiked a pint of milk with laxitives, which the guy eventually plowed through in a couple of pint glasses full one morning - about an hour later, he rushed to the toilet and ended up spending about 4 - 5 hours solid on the toilet.

End result - he didn't steal other peoples food again.


I find going to a cheap diy store and getting a small tool box (with removable shelves and holes for a padlock) to be the most effective method, and costs about the same as a lunchbox.

That, and taking two lunches, a dry non-refridgerate dmeal for yourself, and a laxative added meal for the thieves

The Last Archimedean

I keep my lunch with me until I eat it. It avoids the issue nicely.


Two words: Ghost Pepper.

I put it in damn near everything I eat. Guaranteed I know who the lunch thief is in 15 seconds after lunch consumption. I just have to follow the screams.


Last person that stole my lunch, I punched in the stomach. It doesn't leave marks.

When confronted by management, all I had to say was "prove it".


Moniker: (wide eyed look of innocence) "Must have been something he ate."

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