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I hate the way articles are titled today, but I guess it wouldn't be a story if the title was "Vegetarian mom gets more protein, has successful pregnancy as a result." The fact that it was Mickey D's doesn't really have anything to do with it, other than the fact that they're open 24/7 and relatively tasty.

On a related note, is it more difficult to get lots of protein on a vegetarian diet? And is the protein gained from stuff like beans and nuts different from that gained from meat? It seems like the answer would be "yes" to both of those, but I confess that I've never bothered to research it.

The Singing Library Clerk

Yes it is. And there's B vitamins you can't get from veggies, only meat. Finally, the "iron rich" veggies don't really give you as much iron as eating 6 ozs of "solid beef" (in other words, steak, not burgers) a week can give you.


Actually, the protein from plant-based sources is more than adequate for a healthy diet. Yes, vegetarians should supplement b-12, but the idea that a veg diet, properly planned, doesn't give enough protein is absurd.


@HeavyP As an ova-lacto vegetarian (so I eat eggs and dairy), I can answer this.

Protein is protein is protein is protein ... providing you eat a variety of protein sources, so that you are getting all the essential amino acids, it is very easy to get all the protein you need from a vegetarian diet. B-vitamins are fairly easy, too; and that elusive B12 - well, it's present in eggs, milk, concentrated in cheese, and in yeast extract (Marmite, here in the UK; yuk!). Iron is more of an issue - eat your greens! And pulses. Of course, most vegetarians have plenty of Vitamin C, to help with it's absorption.


I'm a vegetarian and I get enough protein through eggs (though I noted too much of this can actually affect mood badly -- I think it's related to the "Atkins Attitude"), and since I'm not an evil communist/terrorist/Martian like MSL above (!), I like Marmite just fine.

At least no-one's mentioned bacon... oh, damn! (No, I don't miss real bacon, but that might be due to turning vegetarian while living in a student house -- the smell of bacon the way it's fried by 19-year-olds cooking for the first time didn't make me regret my decision!)


This is less a glowing recommendation for McDonald's, and more a condemnation of the lack of animal protein in a vegetarian diet.

As I understand the article, she conceived, THEN started eating the McMuffins. So there's..well, short of time travel, there's no way they helped her get pregnant, correct?

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