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Joe the Cigar Guy

DC Mayor Vincent Gray recently revealed that he's in Walmart's hip pocket by vetoing the "Living Wage" bill.
He said he did it, "for the good of the people". He just didn't mention WHICH people!


As billionaires...you'd think they'd be able to get some better looking clothes...yeesh! Then again, better clothes cost more money...they prolly got that purple dress from the clearance rack of one of their stores...for free.


I may have to award them Sarcasta-Points for being clever with money.


Many years ago I was on the board of a small charity. We solicited donations which we then used to buy christmas gifts for children who otherwise wouldn't get anything (stories every year that would rip out your heart). We spent a LOT of money at our local Hellmart. And they gave us a pretty decent discount. Then Sam died. The daughter was in charge. She refused to allow the discount. (The employees were so pissed they went out and raised the difference themselves so we didn't have to turn anyone away - in that town there wasn't another retailer big enough so we didn't have the option to shop somewhere else for the toys.)

I avoid Hellmart now because the family are stains on humanity.

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