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Wait, you had FREE lockers that the guests were encouraged to use for this ride? SCORE! Dude, I'd have gone on MORE rides like that if I was allowed to ditch my stuff in temp lockers each time. Carrying crap around a park sucks! And this guy seriously left his bag unattended in a large populated area post-9/11? What a dumbass. He deserved the lecture that you gave him. Clearly, your manager agreed.

Pixie Pony

As a former Attractions slave... *thunderous applause*
Thank you for saying what I've been dying to say to people forever. I'm so glad you didn't get in trouble. That entitled ass nugget got what he deserved.
Also, Gamma Bananas. I love it.

Fortunately, my ride didn't have a height requirement, so I didn't have to deal with that nonsense. I did, however, get everyone and their monkey's uncle asking if there was a FastPass...despite the queue rarely being more than ten minutes long.

And yeah, it was definitely my fault that my ride went down. I intentionally went in with a flaming bag of dog poop and made the ride stop so you could yell at me. That totally makes sense.

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