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Hand written on unlined paper, that was fold in half diagonally.


Sorry, but I would read that entire thing before I read a standard resume. It's a gamble, but it's eye catching, well-written and formatted, and he has good qualifications. It just happens to be MLP themed.


Not a resume but an application: a recently graduated high school student handed in an application for a cashier position. They had previously worked in an ice cream shop and their reason for leaving was "too much work". I so badly wanted to tell her that even if that was the truth that is NOT what you put on the application.


On the opposite end, I applied at a Chuy's this summer, and part of the application asked me to draw my favourite cartoon character to the best of my ability. I drew Finn and Jake yelling "BURRITO TIME!" with a bunch of burritos in the background. Job was filled, but that was the best application I did all summer :D


They... asked for a doodle? Oh wait - does this place have signs that you draw on? Maybe they were looking for someone who could put little drawings on the signs. That's the only reason I can think of for an application asking for a cartoon character. That's funny though :D


My resume never looks good anymore now that I put:

Gamestahp- May 2013 - June 2013
Experiences with: Worked 3 shifts for 9 hours total over 3 weeks. Quit after insufficient hours to pay for gas.

Sachimi Sushi

To be honest, this children's cartoon obsession is disturbing. I would throw this resume out immediately for almost any job ( something related to art might be okay ). I'm ashamed of any person around my age that uses these cartoons in any public way. It should stay in one place only - your tv/computer, in private.

Jaffacakes - you could say you quit because of restricted hours, or because of lengthy transportation. It sounds better than "I quit because I couldn't afford gas because of my hours", without actually saying something different.


Personally I think this resume is amusing. I agree with HeavyP- a gamble, but certainly eye-catching.

@Sachimi- as long as the person in question isn't being unnecessarily creepy or rude about it, why should anyone be told they should hide something they have a passion for? Repression of that nature is highly unhealthy. Most of the Bronies I've met (college aged mind you) are pretty cool people. That they have the courage to be honest about their appreciation for MLP:FIM is actually something that is inspiring in a way.

Lastly- poor Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the earth ponies. This Brony clearly dislikes them all. :(

Marten Kemp

Sorry, no. HR departments are full of humor-deficient drones looking for a reason to reject resumes. Anything other than plain white paper goes directly to the recycle bin, plus private enthusiasms have no place in business communications, and yes, this is a business communication.

A cool hiring manager might just possibly be intrigued, but it won't get that far.


I don't think people's resumes are rejected for this as much as people think they are. I've heard tons of stories of people putting in creative resumes and getting noticed because of it. Of course, I wouldn't say that everyone should do this all the time, but it's not as bad as some of you seem to be making it out to be.

As for resumes and applications I've seen, I've found:
-A resume written in paragraph format, like he was writing a story. It was also 4 pages long, and he had been fired from his 4-5 previous jobs.
-Applications riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Even worse, when I pointed them out to the hiring managers, I was told that some people are just bad at spelling. *facepalm*
-On the 'Special skills' portion of the application, some people have written that they can lift heavy objects and are friendly.


I once got a resume with her name and contact information, her high school, and her one previous job at Tim Horton's. Period. No description of duties there, no volunteering or extra-curriculars, no list of personal qualities or interests... It was half a page long with big letters and huge margins.


I'm actually kind of ticked that the relevant info was blacked out on the My Little Resume. I'd hire him in two seconds. He's qualified, cheerful and considering I now run a little tech-support and computer lessons company aimed at senior citizens, families and children with special needs, a Tech Brony would be ideal. With my luck, though, he'd be in the wrong state, and I don't yet have enough clients to pay him what he'd be worth.

That, or the tech department at Hasbro (writing pony apps and Flash games for little girls and bronies,) the staff of a major brony convention or a popular fan-site's tech team has already hired him. My guess is that this resume is a custom job.


I'm a Tech Brony who needs a job. :P

At least he managed to get Twilight right, although he probably replaced her cutie mark with the company name like Rarity below. And gave poor Fluttershy a bleach and dye job...


@TechTyger- I'm more concerned about poor Rainbow Dash. If I didn't know better, I'd say Rarity was playing around with weather patterns again and gave poor RD a sunburn (hopefully without frostbite on top of it!).


Could someone explain this brony thing? Why are college age people watching a show for girls more than half their age?


Kitai: You're right, I just saw 'brown pegasus' and didn't look any closer. :P

James: Try it. The show is surprisingly deep for something intended for young girls. (comes back after half hour Youtube wiki-walk, getting distracted with Minecraft videos)

One that's been voted as the best video to start with, if you're only going to watch one is 'Party of One'.

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