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No, I think calling the police would have been a bit much. I would consider this her warning.


You or someone else needs to officially warn her to stop harassing customers. Make sure everyone knows she's been warned, so if she does it again, call the police, ban her from the store or both.


As she has done nothing illegal, it would be wasting police time to call them.

If she had been asked by a customer to leave them alone, and continued to talk to them, and follow them, then it's a police matter.

Talking to people who don't know you isn't a crime.


I think she has some sort of dementia. You might want to alert the police next time, it is possible she wandered off and is now in need of help. My Grandmother was like that. She loved chatting with strangers, but she didn't remember who my grandfather was and usually thought he had kidnapped her and ran away a lot.


Regardless of whether she has dementia or should have the cops called on her or not, I totally empathize with the customers. That would just make me so uncomfortable. I'm glad you stuck up for the couple and got her to go away.

Sales Agent Guy

I think calling the police would've been too much that time. However, since she's already been ejected once, if she continues to do this, THEN I'd recommend calling the police.

NC Tony

I bet the customer that told you you were being rude would have felt differently if the woman was bothering her.


Should have told that women she was welcome to give the lady a lift home if she felt asking her to leave was rude.

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