Retail Hell Underground: Parent Concerned About School Safety Sign Saying 'Instead of Police In Schools, Every Student and Staff Member Should Have a Little Police Within'

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I...don't see what's wrong with that sign. Seriously, it's telling everyone to be active about their own safety.


I think its' more to do with the photo of the teacher, it's used a popular "bad teacher" meme.


Depends on the age level. In a high school, maybe. In a middle school or elementary? Not a chance.

@HeavyP while encouraging people to be safe is one thing, it's another to think that children should and can carry the responsibility of a trained police officer. Again, partially depends on age group


Congrats, Freddy. You posted this without actually getting the joke. As usual.


Wait, the original reddit-poster thinks schools all need police in them?

*le sigh*

CO slave

I don't get it?

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