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NC Tony

In the first story, you should have dropped their change on the ground, and when he went to pick it up, spit in his hair, but that's just me.

Devil's Advocate

I'm with you on the smoking...highly allergic and can't stand the smell. However I have to laugh when you say that pulling a 40 hour work week made you sick? Really? Hopefully it's because you have some kind of disability or something, but prior to graduating I worked 30-40 hours and went to school full time. Now I work 50-60 hours at the very least a week...so I would say buck up.


Devil-- "which I was not used to".

Devil's Advocate

Blackout--even if someone wasn't "used to" working 40 hours, it shouldn't lead to them feeling "very ill"


Blackout: Exactly, it's all about what people are used to.

Devil's Advocate: You don't know what the other 128hrs of their week consist of, so shove it.

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