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This is actually a pretty standard policy for daycares. Most parents bitch about it if they get charged, but they'll pay it anyway. There was one family that I worked with at two separate centers where the mom would waltz in 10-20 minutes late on a regular basis. At the larger, corporate-owned center, she merely cut them an extra check each night as though it were fine, despite being told that it was not, and that she needed to arrive on time. The other center, an in-home daycare, finally got tired of handing out warnings, and dis-enrolled them.


A lot of this has to do with licensing issues. My own city will let most day cares operate until 6pm, then other extended hour fees and licences must be issued. So it's no wonder many centres are so anal about closing time. Good for this place :P


I'm glad that this daycare is doing this. The daycare that my little brother used to go to did this, and it was generally common courtesy to let them know if you're running a bit later than closing time (6:30). That said, they also did some fun events for the kids that ran after closing time, so that was nice of them.

Retail Psycho

Every day care in Australia I've dealt with (and I've dealt with a lot of them) has done this. They also have a rule that if you're more than 15 minutes late they call DOCS (our version of CPS)


$1/ minute = $60/ hr sounds good to me


They need to read Freakonomics ...

By putting a defined value on the extra time, they run the risk of MORE parents turning up late; they charge for it, so it's OK to do it, because we're paying for it ...


Madscoutleader, some schools are ok with that, they get a little extra income. That is how the school I used to work for was. My daughters current school combats that by giving parents a three strike rule, 3 late pickups in a month and the child is suspended. (Barring legitimate emergencies, they aren't monsters).

But being a few m8nut3s late isn't always a matter of being irresponsible. Some parents are stuck with asshole bosses who don't care how much they're screwing thier employees. Everyone has had to deal with the jerkvthat keeps you after for bullshit reasons, or risk losing thier crappy but income bringing jobs.


A daycare where I live is $5 a minute, or if you call them early and let them know you'll be late, it's $1 a minute. and if you're late without calling 5 times, they call CPS. Shit's serious here.


I actually saw a 24 hour daycare this weekend. I guess if you're a single parent and work the night shift... Still kind of weird. I didn't know those existed.

Someone Somewhere

This is not new. This has been standard in my area for the past 20 years or so. Only it's $5 a minute.

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