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Eek, poor thing. Big sales are scary. Good luck to her!

On a side note, though, you should probably remind her to stay off her phone while at work. I get that she wanted help, and is a rookie and all, but that looks bad on a slow day, let alone freaking labour day (assuming she wasn't on break, which it didn't sound like).


Better that she get eased (in so much that such can occur) in like this I think. Walmart moved me from cart pushing to cashier the first week of December. Talk about thrown to the holiday wolves...

Without Nametag

@unsympathetic - Oh, I used the wrong tense there in that last "text". Should have been "was" and "were". Sorry about that! JewelKitten is pretty much a strict rule-follower, so I'm guessing she was on break or else otherwise done for the day.

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