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I understand where you're coming from. Unfortunately, I have 2-adopted snakes that refuse to eat frozen food. I do everything I can to make frozen appetizing and dance it in front of them for hours, but it's no use. So I have to go live, but I have a mouse/rat tank for the animals to live in until it's time, then stun them before they go in with the snakes. I feel bad for them, but love my snakes, and they need to eat; but I make sure the mice/rats are comfortable at least.


OMG, the thought of douchebag teens buying domesticated rats to feed to snakes just for their own amusement pisses me off in the worst way. >:(


I actually understand your issue with the snake food L, some snakes just will not eat frozen food. So some people do what ever they can (even putting them in the microwave to make them warm ew)

But! You should know that some stores do sell feeder mice and rats, which are non domesticated and therefor, wonderful for those picky snakes. Just please make sure to stun them.
You may have to look around, but its alot better then taking the rats and mice someone handled and cared for till they became ready for sell.


There are definitely stores (in the US) that carry feeder rats and mice - usually in the back and are separate from the ones they carry as pets. And they actually ARE domesticated rats - not wild ones. I'm friends with a very knowledgeable long time rat breeder and she has a habit of buying feeder rats from the back of the stores, and if they have the right temperament and are healthy she will breed them into her lines. (Due to the size of the states, rat breeders are few and far between - unlike in the UK, so practices like these are more common. At one point she was running into fertility problems in her males due to inbreeding and it had to be corrected by bringing in outside blood.)

All THAT being said - I also had a friend with a snake that switched to feeding live because it was cheaper and also because she was a bit sadistic and thought it was hilarious when the little pinkies squeaked in terror and peed themselves before being eaten. This is the same person who would return the tub of frozen furries (or whatever that one size up from pinkies is) because they had black fur instead of white - that creeped her out somehow.

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