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I don't get it, its Heavy Mayo. Extra Heavy mayo also exists.


I don't get it either. But maybe that's just because I've actually seen it in real life.. But I didn't find it funny then, either..


'Heavy duty' usually means 'tougher for industrial use' or something along those lines. Not something one generally associates with a condiment...

I've never heard of '(extra) heavy mayo'. What is?


Heavy duty mayo has more egg yolks. This makes the mayo heavier, richer, and is made mostly for dishes where mayo is a primary or significant secondary ingredient (as in salad dressings and sauces) where the increased egg allows for a richer, less 'watery' taste and texture.

Sounds barfalicious, to me, but then I've always hated mayo.


Ah, so. Makes sense. I like mayo, myself, but people like different things. Thanks for the answer. ;)


It's funny also because it's a 28 lb tub that looks like it WOULD only be used for industrial use.

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