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I like to read the advice collums over on the Washington Post - Carolyn Hax gives good advice. Amy is so freaking judgemental I think WaPo should give me her job as her advice always sucks.

The reason I bring this up is the second letter in today's Miss Manners deals with this very situation - snooty clerks who treat customers badly based on how they dress -


The Singing Library Clerk

Oh shut up, Jane. There's nothing wrong with paying with a check. If you have the money in your account, use the check.

Trucker Bitch

Jane- Those comments were entirely rude. Yes, most people use credit or debit, but maybe Kris' mother has her own reasons for using a check. And considering the attitude of the sales person from even before the customers even got to the check-out, using a check was hardly the problem.

Also, people are still going to need checks since you can only pay fines and tickets with either a check or money order.


Okay, Jane. Just for you I'll pay in exact change with dollars and coins, so that you have to wait three times longer for me to find that last couple pennies.

The Last Archimedean

My landlord requires a check for the rent. NO other form of payment is acceptable. And three of my bills MUST be paid by check.

So, Jane, you can go suck it. Checks aren't going away any time soon.


The whole point of paying with a check is having a paper trail of the transaction better than a receipt actually.


Checks are still dead useful, especially for businesses that don't have the ability to run credit cards (you gotta pay for that, you know? Every transaction.) I used to only use my checkbook for rent payments, but now I also use checks to pay for the food I get at the CSA and to pay my handyman. They're also useful if you for some reason want to pay a bill through the mail that you can't pay online because someone else happens to own the online account and you don't have the credentials.


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