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The duck-sized horses. Definitely the horses. Regular-sized ducks are scary and angry enough, thankyouverymuch.


Horse-sized duck. Square-cube law means it wouldn't be able to support its own body mass, and it would keel over and die without me having to do anything.

The Last Archimedean

I'll take the horse-sized duck, because even if we give it thicker bones so that it can support its body weight, it's easier to fight off one animal than 100.

NC Tony

It depends on what weapon I have to fight it/them with.


Horse sized duck. One shot should be enough to disable it.

The duck sized horses, I would want a flamethrower for and I don't happen to have one.


Don't need a flamethrower. Need a few gallons of candy-colored hair dye and some Lee Press-On Wings and Horns, and make a fortune.

Trucker Bitch

If a regular duck can have an abnormally long corkscrew penis, I don't want to think about the size of one on a horse sized duck.

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