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Hard to know what actually occurred but I am inclined to believe the restaurant.


who gets that bent out of shape over a chipped soup bowl? seriously? it's a cafe...noted by the $15 ahi + soup lunch price. chipped glasses/bowls/mugs/plates happen from time to time. AND they comped his food, making the 1-star rating just ridiculous. that guy's an asshole, and i'm glad the owner called him out publicly.


Wonder if he wants an apology for that BURN too?

She seemed to be fine, they obviously didn't have any other issue at the time with how it was handled, and the food was comped without them asking.

This is why I don't always trust these review sites.

The Last Archimedean

Yelp needs to go away. It's the most useless website I've ever looked at. And the strong-arm tactics they use against business owners have made things worse.

Frankly, I rely much more on word of mouth when I want to find a good restaurant. Or I check the old part of town. And here's a tip: if you want to find a good Mexican restaurant, look for one where the customers are 90% Mexican and Spanish is the most frequently used language.

Trucker Bitch

I was in a restaurant a couple of years ago and had noticed the glass my drink was in was slightly cracked. I didn't worry majorly about it since the glass wasn't leaking, so I finished my drink. When the server came to take away the glass, I mentioned that it was cracked so that they could dispose of it.

They did end up bringing out a new drink for me (even though I never asked for it and had, in fact, finished the first one). I thanked them again when they apologized and told them that I understood since I had worked in a restaurant. Even though they didn't comp me the drink, I was satisfied.

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