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Just goes to show ya, security's basically, well, a security blanket more than actual security most of the time.


Sad thing is, the kid has figured out the basic tactic to fool security: look like you belong. If you look like an everyday person, they have no real reason to stop you, or even notice you.


I just had a layover in Minneapolis on Saturday. D:


He got a free meal out of it as well. I know that's the least of it, but the kid clearly has this shit figured out. If he was there Wednesday for lunch, tricked his way out of paying and slipped out, he was probably there checking to see where the weak points were. Somehow he managed to get to the airport both days, which are school days. he got through security on day two, and actually boarded a plane to Nevada. Thing I'm wondering is: where are his parents? He's nine. Are they behind the scenes pulling the strings, or are the totally oblivious?


The family said the kid "hadn't been seen since Thursday". You'd think then that you'd report him as a missing kid. Must not be great parents. :(

Book Baby

Unless he's a "split household" kid: fifty percent at Mom's house, fifty percent at Dad's. Each one thought the kid was at the others house. Downright scary, no matter HOW you look at it.

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