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The Singing Library Clerk

Wait, so they work at a place that specializes in erotic foods and they're whining about penis cookies?

What a couple of bitches. Thanks for making your fellow women look bad, you morons.


Fucking dumbasses. I'd have told them to go fuck themselves. the place specializes in 'edible sex objects' and they're whining because phony peen? Oh noes, you have to know what you're selling to do your job, the world is ending!

Next up; people allergic to peanuts will get jobs at Jif and sue because of a 'dangerous workplace'.


Ninja'd! :D I was typing at the same time...


I guess I could see this as being a case of he said/she said if nothing else. It's entirely possible that he got overly suggestive with them concerning these cookies, but some joking around of a sexual nature is to be expected when you work in an erotic bakery. Is it possible that he was being a total skeeve and actually harassing them? Yes. But is it also possible that this pair had taken jobs that they didn't like and saw the opportunity to earn some better cash? Yes.



That's what I'd thinking too. They may have been just looking for a payday, but this also could have been legitimate harassment and not just a case of "Omg, penis cookies! How DARE you! What place do genital shaped cookies have in an erotic bakery???"

It could have been something skeevy in his behavior involving the cookies.
For example would it be possible for a gynecologist to touch a patient in appropriately? Sure, but, then again, it's his/her job to touch a patients breasts and vagina, so how do you prove it?

There have been plenty of stories on this site from sex shop employees about creepy customers and no one said to them "You're in a sex shop, what do you expect?", so why is it so hard to believe there might be a creepy manager at one?


How does one 'sexually intimidate' with a cookie?

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