Retail Hell Underground: Custys Dress Up In Prom Attire at Walmart Opening In Hopes of Changing 'People of Walmart' Image

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This is....really pathetic. Would have loved to see them come in at 3:00 AM on a Tuesday so they could see what we're poking fun at.

Sophie Fraser

I love it. "Yes, we'll have a Walmart, but on OUR terms." Refusing to let the traditional skeevy atmosphere of other Walmarts have a place in their town. Good for them!


I can see where Sophie is coming from with this, but I think I have to agree with the post: Wal-Mart is an awful place and they treat their employees like shit. I don't think I'd celebrate the fact that I shop at Wally World (if I did).


This is just a different form of "inappropriately dressed for the occasion" that Walmart suffers from.


They can wear what they like, it doesn't change the fact that they're the sort of ignorant scum who keep Walmart in business.

NC Tony

You can dress up all you want. It's still Wal-Mart and after recent events, they will stand by and let you get beat up in the parking lot. Plus, are they going to dress up EVERY TIME they go to Wal-Mart? Or is this just a one-time thing? Because if it's the latter, then it's going to do NOTHING to change the "People of Wal-Mart" image. It's just going from one extreme to the other. You've got these people all dressed up, and in the next aisle over you've got a woman in a bathrobe and hair curlers, with her six snot nosed Hellspawn.

NC Tony

Plus, go back up and look at the kids. They look like they don't want to be there. Especially not all dressed up.


This was so much fun! Everyone loved it, including the kids. We went to the automotive department, plugged in an iPod and did the Cupid Shuffle with many, many people from our town coming out. This was our way of emphasizing we are Spring Hill, we are a close knit community and we have standards. Love to you all and come visit sometime!


Y'know, I don't think they changed my stereotype of how Wal-Mart shoppers dress at all.



They'll all be back tomorrow in their too-tight shorts jammed around their too-big butts.

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