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She must be new here. You buy it with the FS card, you get it back on the FS card. :P

The Last Archimedean

Don't you just love it when scammers get their scam smacked down?


I believe this counts as fraud, and the store could actually report her and have her benefits terminated for this...


agreed with fluffernutter...

i'm ALL FOR food/assistance programs, but it only takes one scamming bad apple to really sour the programs' reputation. this is why you hear so many conservatives calling these programs 'entitlement' payouts. THIS IS WHY OUR POOR PEOPLE CAN'T HAVE A MINIMUM STANDARD OF LIVING. because some douchecanoe ruins it for everyone by trying to scam the system.

Book Baby

You won't ever shop here again? Don't let the door hit you on the way out an don't hear the cheering from the staff as you go!

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