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I've done hit the wrong pedal when parking a few times. Fortunatly I caught myself each time and never hit anything. Still, I try to park away from walls or trees or other objects just in case I fuck up.

Kiliana Nightwolf

Yet another reason older people should have a driving test.

The Last Archimedean

I've made that mistake myself a time or two, which is always why I depress pedals very slowly when parking. That way if I start to hit the gas instead of the brake the car only moves forward an inch or two before I realize my error. I also never drive more than about 5 MPH in a parking lot. Easier to avoid hitting pedestrians that way.


Incidentally, every 'unintended acceleration' case where it could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt what happened, every single one has been 'Driver Pushing The Wrong Pedal'.

It's not the floor mats. It's not the electronic controls. It's the driver.


Trucker Bitch

While I've not hit the wrong pedal, I have left my car (even my big rig) in the wrong gear when trying to park. It's never moved more then an inch before I stop and correct myself though.


How hard was this person jamming the gas pedal down to go into the damn dining room? This person has been driving for longer than I've been alive, and you're telling me she couldn't hit the brakes BEFORE she drove into the restaurant?


I have to admit that I have accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake a couple of times. Thank God I didn't hit anyone or anything. I think that families should evaluate their older loved ones to see if they can continue to drive safely. I'm sure the granddaughter thought that grandma was ok to drive because there were little ones in the car. My mom and I had to talk with my grandmother about driving. She lives two hours away from us, but continue to have minor fender benders. My mom found it hard to convince my grandmother to give up her keys. I sat down with my grandmother and explained that (she lives in a Big Ten college town) although it is hard giving up driving, we would be there for her, but to continue to drive while these innocent students are vulnerable walking, bike riding, or driving to and from school is selfish. I held her and explained that as a great grandmother, you would hate to hear that your grandchildren or great grandchildren were hurt due to someone's inability to operate a 2 ton piece of equipment. Think of those kids and parents. When she heard that, she gave up the keys. We kept our promise and now I see her more than ever. She is happier knowing that she can still do what she wants. We're happier that all of those college kids will be safer with her no longer driving.


This is what happens when you decide that "using the brake" is equivalent to "Let's shove the fucking pedal though the fucking firewall."

I don't drive (Too many close calls while trying to learn, so I became too scared to get my license), but when I was learning, I had my share of "wrong pedal" or "wrong gear" (Dad made me learn in his car, which happens to be a stickshift. Smooth move, throwing someone who has no clue what they're doing behind something that needs more concentration than usual), but every incident was more or less "Oops, engine revved, foot is now on brake" or "Crap, can't drive forward in 3rd gear" or "That's forward, not reverse."

And despite that, I didn't hit anything. Although one time I did kill our mailbox while pulling into the driveway. Which was about the time I decided I really don't want to drive.

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