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The Last Archimedean

The place is named the Heart Attack Grill. Who the heck did she THINK was going to eat there? 98-pound vegetarians?

The people who qualify for the free meal KNOW the food isn't health food. No one is forcing them to eat there, that's their choice. If it's making her depressed to see it she can get a job at a different restaurant.


oh for eff's sake...

it's vegas. everything is some combination of 1. excessive 2. tacky 3. unhealthy 4. offensive 5. gross and/or sticky 6. weird in vegas. this establishment is no different. this is like hooters, but with over the top menu items.

that hostess needs to get over herself pretty quick, or move to a different city.

Devil's Advocate

@Archimedean and Always--you guys are dead on. The name of the place says it all, the attitude of the owners is no secret. If anything the waitress comes off as an employee who is trying to "get revenge" on the establishment by saying how horrible they are.


And the defining award for 'most American restaurant' goes to...

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