Retail Hell Underground: How Does Walmart Reward an Employee For Helping Assault Victim in Parking Lot? The Walmart Way: Fire Them!

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Welcome to a world controlled by lawyers. Been that way since the 80's, and I can't wait for this shit to go away.


By not intervening he could have been accused of aiding & abetting, right?

The Last Archimedean

Wal-Mart needs to issue a public apology, hire him back, and give him both a bonus and a raise.


By the description in the article he actually wasn't fired for being a good Samaritan and stopping an assault...he was fired for being the victim of an assault.

NC Tony

Like I said on the FB page, he should go into Wal-Mart and kick the shit out of the managers, after all, they can't do anything or else THEY'LL get fired.


Welp. Time to email Walmart. Maybe if enough of us do they'll care? Probably not, but gotta try something.

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