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I usually toss whatever metal change I get into the tip jar, but really, it's annoying to be expected to tip at a coffee place. If I ask for something fancy, sure, but when the entire purpose of the place is 'provide coffee' and I ask for coffee, I don't really feel a tip is necessary.


Oop. Fatfingers. The rest of it I do agree with, though.


I always order with small/medium/large terminology no matter where I go (including Starbucks).

Hate me if you will.


I agree with most except...

1. I always correct myself, but sometimes it just slips out! I'm sure this is true for most everyone. Starbucks is the most common coffee shop anyone goes to, so force of habit takes over.
Now if you tell them "our sizes are actually small, medium, and large, did you want a medium?" and then they're a jerk about it "No you idiot, I said grande!!!" you have every right to be mad.
But if it's just a simple mistake, quit your bitching.

6. I sometimes pour off some into the trash cash so I can add milk, but I wouldn't if you'd actually do it when I ask to "leave lots of room for milk."

Nice Kat

I try to tip, but it's often not obvious if there's even a tip jar. There's a decent coffee shop staffed by college students by me, and they have a very entertaining tip jar that they usually post jokes on about paying for tuition...they tend to get larger tips from me.
Also, often those dish tubs are hidden. If I can't find the dish tub after 5 minutes of searching in a small coffee shop, I'll leave it on the counter. If it's easy to find, then obviously into the tub they go.

I also detest those who order really complicated things, especially when they're on the phone (which usually seems to coincide). Drives me nuts. I actually chewed one girl out because she was holding up a huge line and being an absolute bitch to the barista. Oi.

Also, I've yet to find a consistently good coffee place. Nearly every one (except the one on my undergraduate campus, which I'm sadly not at anymore :( ) has managed to completely fuck up my order....multiple times. I order a hot chocolate with whip and whole milk 99% of the time, so I'm at a loss on how it happens, but they always add espresso. Which makes me sick. And they're always bitchy when I come back and ask for a refund/remake. >.<


I'm sorry, call me a jerk for this, but I don't tip baristas. Especially at Starbucks. Sorry, but I never order anything complicated, not even food. Just cappuccino or house blend plain black. Why should I tip for that? I don't get fancy designs in my foam. I just need coffee in a cup. I don't tip the fast food workers that put my hamburger in a bag, or blend my smoothy. I don't see a big difference. i havent been to an "artisan" coffe shop so i dont know what id do there. Sit down diners/restaurants of course. But really? Starbucks? Please explain Why you should gee tips if Jack in the box workers don't. I have never worked in the food industry, but I do have other retail experience.


I tip wherever someone is providing me a service. I don't have to, but I do. As a result of that, people know my name, make my drink while I'm in line and it's ready when I get to the counter and sometimes slip me freebies or discounts.

Pizza orders get delivered fast and fresh and our toppings are loaded, salads come crammed with feta and bacon. Orders of chicken wings have a handful of extras thrown in.

Scratch some backs when you're a regular, it pays off. Hell before I swore off fast food I would bring the workers treats two to three times a month. It got me free upgrades and staff discounts.


If I was a regular, I'd tip like that. My standard tip in a sit-down restaurant is 5$, up to 25$ total, then I usually make it 10. My pizza guys always rush to get me mine first, they love my tips. But in a store where I'm not a regular, I just want a plain cup of coffee, and they're not providing any extra service? Not so much.

The Kid

Americans are strange. If you try to tip at a Tim Horton's (the most popular coffee chain in Canada), they tell you they can't accept it. But people only ever try to tip for truly exceptional service. Why would you tip at a fast food place?

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