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I bet they have done that sort of thing before.


How stupid to complain about there being no TV. Of course they're going to go check and see the room is empty!

Nursey Nurse


The Last Archimedean

NN, I don't think they can to the guy who called the police to report someone stole his crack cocaine. Or the guy who called the police to report that after robbing a bank, he was mugged on the way out the door and someone stole his ill-gotten gains.

Or best yet, the guy who wanted to rob a store, entered the wrong door and found himself, gun drawn, inside a police station yelling "This is a stick-up!" Needless to say, he was arrested on the spot.


I'd laugh my ass off at the bank robber who got mugged. :P

This reminds me of when I worked for Avis... people would rent a new car with 10 miles on it, then bring it back with 20 miles and bald tires. "It was like that when I got it! How dare you charge me for brand new tires!"

Nursey Nurse

TLA I stand corrected. There are tons of stupid crooks. Bwahahahaha at all of these idiots!

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