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Nursey Nurse

Love it!!! It does feel good to say a polite no thanks to a company that treats their employees like crap. I feel bad for the employees that lose a holiday with their families. I am in healthcare so I already know that I have dedicated my craft to serve those that are in need. But retail being offered on Thanksgiving?! I really want to lay the blame at the feet of these corporate giants, but if these custys continue to show up and hand over money, the stores aren't going to not open. Supply and (overly)demand. Profit over people= the way the world seems to be headed...


Did the Kim K jab really make that last statement any better? Way to go, you're so awesome.

Joe the Cigar Guy

That's exactly the way I feel about Lord & Taylor. "Get written up for not doing the work of three people? Grind my teeth down to the gums because coworker stretched her lunch hour to two with skillful use of "bathroom breaks" and complaints of "female problems" AGAIN? Watch helplessly as N.A.T.'s walk out with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise because the Loss Prevention guy doesn't clock in for another two hours? NO THANK YOU!!"

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