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probably a raccoon or something tripping off an emergency flood/motion light that's running on batteries.

but, i very much so believe that it's freaky as hell!

Trucker Bitch

I dunno. It sounds to me like an inside room that has the light going on. How many places do you know that have motion sensor lights inside?

The only place I've really had that creepy "someone watching me" feeling was at a hiking trail through some old railway tunnels. It was the middle of the day, but I was the ONLY person there. I kept stopping and looking behind me, but, of course, no on was there.

Nice Kat

I actually know a lot of places now that have indoor motion sensors - my old place of work was completely (but for one conference room) run on motion lights. Both the universities I attended have them as well. *shrug* It seems to be something that's becoming more and more common, especially in anything that's office-y or something administrative.

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