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I've had to return a chew toy without a receipt before, although mine wasn't dirty or worn or noticeably drooly. My mom bought this tennis-ball, rope, elephant thing for her 2 small Yorkies, and within 5 minutes the head fell off. Of course she lost her receipt. So of course I got the fun job of having to explain this story to the store clerk that I'm sure didn't believe me, but the manager did give me store credit. I hate having to be the crusty.


Ugh, reminds me of shelter hell. We need a list of people on a Wall Of Shame, aka "DO NOT EVER SELL LIVE ANIMALS TO" list

The shelter had a lab mix that was lost, and the owner picked it up. Very happy reunion.

The asshat owner then went to the parking lot, opened the trunk, AND STUFFED HIS DOG INSIDE OF IT. We had shelter staff racing out, yelling that dog + car trunk = suffocation. I never knew the ending, but apparently the shit stated he does this 'all the time when I take him to Pennsylvania"

Trucker Bitch

That's horrible, Shelterdoll. I hate seeing dogs riding loose in the backs of pickup trucks. For my little dog; in the truck he is on the floor against the center consule between my seat and the gear shift. In my car he rides shotgun tethered to his boosterseat so he doesn't go flying through the windshield if I end up in an accident.

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