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I think it's a decision that has to be made on a case-by-case basis. If it's something that's important to you, then boycott. If not, then not.

For me, for instance, I've been participating in the boycott of Chik-Fil-A even though (she admitted, embarrassed) I really like their sandwiches. I used to hit one of their stores every two or three months, but I haven't in something like a year now. I am under no illusions that my failing to patronize them all of four times in the last year or so will make even the tiniest dent in their bottom line, but I just wouldn't feel right about going there. So I don't.

In short, it's a personal thing. Do as you think best. I don't think anyone has the right to expect you to do otherwise.


It's mostly pointless. Sure, they'll permanently lose some customers, but I bet about as many as say 'I'll never shop here again!' when you won't give them something with a dusty footprint that matches the shoe they're wearing for 90% off. It gets some news, and then it fades away.

Worst thing about it is the massive overreactions to some of them.

Yeah, Chikfila discriminates against gays and funds hate groups. That's a decent target. (I do really like their sandwiches, though. But I've managed to not buy them since this came out.)

Hobby Lobby... not so much. I seriously doubt they're going to go out of business. It seems to me a lot more like "If $GENERIC_POLITICIAN wins I'm moving to Canada!" and next week here they are. They're being noisy dumbasses to get attention.

And Barilla Pasta... "OMG, he doesn't want to use non-traditional couples in his advertising! He's a million MegaHitlers!"... which is demanding that he give up HIS freedom of choice in choosing how the company advertises.

Does EVERYTHING have to be a role model? Can't some costumes just be costumes? It's a guy in a hockey mask covered in blood. It's not a Statement that all mental patients everywhere are mass murderers with one good and 65 lousy movies. It's a girl in a dress that shows less skin than a perfectly acceptable swimsuit for the same kid. The name was stupid, but more because there isn't anything 'naughty' about the costume.

People seriously need to grow some thicker skin. All this noise does is lower the amount of fucks people have to give about real problems. When everything everyone does becomes a screaming problem 'deserving' of hours of news broadcasts and ineffective boycotts, people become inured to the noise and stop caring even as much as they used to. Missed the last boycott? Another will come along soon. Pretty soon the whole world is a shade of beige that can't offend anyone, in perfectly round rooms because ones that are longer than they are wide are oppressive penis metaphors, sitting on the floor because Hitler used couches.

EVERYTHING OFFENDS SOMEONE. Everything. There is nothing in the world that some asshat doesn't get pissy about, and now with the internet to blow everything out of proportion, along with traditional news having to compete with it so THEY blow everything out of proportion, the stupidest little thing is turned into The Worst Thing EVAR!!!!!

And honestly, that offends me. Stop.


My problem is it's SO DIFFICULT to boycott companies, because any corporation can be shady. I mean, I have to buy my groceries somewhere. And I really wish I could stop shopping at Wal-Mart, but I live in a relatively small community where shopping at Wal-Mart is actually one of the few entertaining things to do in town (and I wish I were kidding about that). But the thing is PRICE, like I work part-time retail and even though Wal-Mart is a lot to do with the reason wages have been driven down, now we've become dependent on shopping where the prices are low. There's a great video store in a neighbouring town which is great for movie selection, but their prices on TV sets especially is laughable in comparison to what you can pay at Wal-Mart (or some of the other electronics stores depending on the day and the sale). Great if you want to buy the Deadliest Catch or even the newest releases (since the price discrepancy isn't usually that big), not so great to buy seasons that frequently go on sale. It's easier for me to not support Barilla, for instance... because I can buy any brand of pasta.


There are stores I boycott but I don't have any illusions that I'm actually hurting them.


It really depends. Some people can't afford to boycott, because it's the only store they can afford. I don't buy Barilla, I only purchase things at Walmart when it cannot be found elsewhere (I do my grocery shopping at HEB, but that's only available in Texas from what I understand) and I no longer eat Chik-Fil-A. If it's something that's really important to you, there's nothing wrong with boycotting. But if you can't afford to, or it's something you don't feel necessary to fight then there's no shame in not joining a boycott.

Su Chan

Absolutely. My current boycotts:

Walmart and subsidiaries: Their abhorrent policies

Harvey Norman: Incompetence and the most annoying advertising

Rivers: Exploits Bangladeshi workers and even after the disaster that killed over 1000 workers, they haven't even bothered to have a press release saying they'll look into conditions, let alone do anything about them.


its funny that the OP talks about google saying some ppl are even displeased with google. Well in the UK this is with good reason they are a major tax avoider, I won't say evader because technically they haven't broken the law. So they aren't illegal but certainly immoral along with Vodafone , amazon and countless other large multi-nationals

I don't boycott any store though because I simply choose to care more about other things. I always say every person has a limit for how much they can choose to care about and if we cared about every shitty thing going on in the world we'd never leave the house so for me I choose to care more about womans rights,


yuk reading this back I realise I sound like a total douche I can assure you I am not

Sachimi Sushi

Boycotting the company isn't going to do anything. It's like refusing to buy gasoline at some place because of the oil companies - it's only hurting that station and the people who work there.
Not buying Chik Fil A? Well screw that single father who takes your order, he certainly can afford to lose his job if that one location suddenly loses a lot of customers because they're boycotting "the company". Yeah, you're probably better off not eating it at all, but whatever.
Who cares if some random guy who doesn't even make the pasta at Barilla says something stupid? I fully support homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, etc, but that fuckface not supporting them doesn't change the fact that Barilla pasta tastes good ( it is far better quality than the Wal-mart brand, that's for damn sure ).

I understand the reasons to boycott, but the fact is that it doesn't affect the company nearly as much as you hope. It affects the people this site was made for - the people who work for minimum wage ( or less! ) making your food, cleaning the restrooms, putting together those ridiculous displays of clothing, trying to make a living.


Mantha16; there are a lot better reasons to dislike Google than that. Ever actually read their EULAs? Everything that touches their servers belongs to them, and will be kept as long as they feel like it, and used however they want to use it.

And I don't think you sounded like a douche. You said pretty much the same thing I did. :P

Sachimi Sushi: Yeah, exactly. The people working at Helllmart have it rough... but at least they're working. They're not totally on welfare, they're trying to help themselves. If you boycott a Hellmart badly enough they'll cut down the hours people get, they might even close the store... and the company gives not shit one. They'll open another three in different places in the same amount of time.


That situation can get sticky. There are some places where I definitely won't spend money because they frankly haven't made a case for me to do so. But like many others, I'm aware that my dollars not being spent there means little to their bottom line. My roommate and I are both big supporters of the LGBTQ community, but her reasoning behind continuing to buy Barilla is that they make the pasta that looks like little ears, which charms her to no end. It's her money, and she can buy what she likes. That situation left a bad taste in my mouth, so when I go down the pasta aisle and see a bunch of different brands that haven't annoyed me, I'll just grab another. For me, it feels less like "OMG, BOYCOTTTTT!!!" than, "Meh. I'll just give my money to this brand instead." What really sucks is when the store than you don't like (like Wal-mart or something) is the only store around that carries what you need; or has it for a much lower price, when your budget squeaks. I also feel for the employees. I'm glad that they have jobs, even if it IS with a company that sucks donkey balls. The economy is terrible, and just having a job is an awesome thing. I guess it's just a question of "pick your battles". If your thing is voting rights for monkeys and most of the drug stores in your town are anti-monkey, then you can't really boycott all of them. If you're going to do it, choose the ones that really bug you, and avoid them, recognizing that you might have to suck it up every now and again and go in.


One person does not a boycott make.


I don't hold onto any delusion that my personal choice to avoid certain businesses will harm them in any way. I do it because, if I go to Chick-fil-a, them my money goes to support hate groups. If I order from Dominos Pizza, I'm giving money to an anti-choice group. If I wouldn't give those groups my money on my own, why would I give it to someone else to do it for me? Letting a corporation act as the middle man doesn't make me feel any less guilty, so I don't do it. Do I judge my friends who still eat at Chick-fil-a? No. I love the food (trust me, the day they get their act together and start supporting equality, I'm getting some nuggets and Chick-fil-a sauce...that stuff is like crack) and I get that not everyone feels the same way I do. It's a personal choice and no one can make it but you.


TechTyger: I was wondering when someone else would bring up google. More people should be displeased with those shitheads and their shady practices. Most people are too clueless though.


Whyexactly; Much like Hellmart, it's just too convenient. Most of the old search engines have fallen by the wayside, and the new ones just suck. (Bing, I'm looking at you here... then turning my head in disgust.)


The good ones are the smaller ones. Hell that basically runs true for everything, the best sunglasses/pops/search engines/etc aren't the big brands, but the little ones that get by on quality not just their name, marketing, and peoples stupidity. Try duckduckgo.

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