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I've been working at the same job on-and-off since I was 15 (10 years now, ugh). Through that time, I've met a lot of customers who I'm friendly with. Particularly, there are some young families whose kids I've seen growing up from babies to kids, and then there's people who I've had a conversation with about what I do, and then they'll keep asking about it for years. I used to work nights, but now don't for the most part, so on the rare occasion when I pick one up, it's really nice to have customers who are happy to see me, because they got used to it, and miss chatting!

Even though a lot of the time the bad customers are the memorable ones, there's also a lot of good people who shop with us, and who make all the crap worth it :)

Bored at the Bookstore

I'm very, very lucky... Most of my customers are at the very least civil. Sure there are PITAs out there, but the nice people who come in outnumber them by far.


The lady who comes In every week and buys $10 worth of bargain Harlequin romances, which she delivers to her mother's nursing home - even though her mom passed a couple of years ago. "It takes so little to make them happy and to feel someone cares..." she says.

The nice hard-of-hearing gentleman who comes in, hands over his bag o' books, grabs a basket, fills it, and is gone again in minutes - all with a lovely smile and a compliment or two on our prices.

The guy who comes in at least twice a week to use the copier, chats up a storm and never buys a darned book - until last week, when he spotted a Vietnam War book on the incoming table and snapped it up! Now I know what to tempt him with....

The woman who brings her little ones in for more books - as her mother brought her twenty years ago. Last time, she said, "I hope you NEVER close - this place is a treasure!"

And, believe it or not, most of the elementary and middle-school kids who, I swear, have learned their math skills from me, not school, thanks to figuring out how much candy they can buy with their loose coins.

The romance readers who know no one will snicker at their reading choices - in fact, they'll find a lively discussion on the merits of various authors... and so will the SF readers, the thriller lovers, the mystery readers; I will admit we're a little light in the horror section knowledge, though!


I'm really lucky. I mostly work early mornings until around lunch and while a lot of lunch customers aren't real nice, almost all my morning people are regulars who are really friendly with all of us, ask about our lives and families, look for us when we aren't there, etc. One of my coworkers was just diagnosed with breast cancer and we've been organizing a fundraiser and they've all been asking about what they can contribute for the raffle and whatnot. So yeah, there are some really, really good custys.


I run the Kids Workshop at my store and I'm leaving the retail world in a month. I have a few kids and families that come like clockwork every month who I adore and whose kids have wormed their way into my black heart because they are polite and kind. They're the ones that make it worth it and actually make me reevaluate my decision to quit.


Is donating books to the nursing home like a thing? Like do they really like that? My grandmother used to dumpster dive in the library's dumpster because the library just throws out most of the books you donate to it and I need something to do with all these books she's hoarding now when she dies. Hmm.... (She's not close to dying, we've just had a falling out and now I am morbidly making dibs on her possessions in the event of her inevitable death.)

NC Tony

While I don't have regulars, I have had a lot of customers honestly thank me when I go out of my way to find something for them (and the only reason I went out of my way in the first place is because they were nice to me). Heck, even when I was unable to find something for them they thanked me for looking. They've been understanding if we were out of stock of something and never blamed me or berated me for not being able to pull off a magic trick and conjure up whatever they needed.


as a new janitor what i hate more then anything is having to close the bathroom; i will work around people if at all possible. but for some reason when i came in at 1 pm NO ONE had so much as looked at the ONE set of restrooms.

so now they were gross and empty of paper products during a very busy part of the day.
i tried to work around people but i was getting nowhere.
i reluctantly took out the "close for cleaning" sign and i could hear the bitching from the door.

I focused on getting the major ick cleaned (like where people peed on the floor- because i assume they choose to squat when they saw the lack of seat covers)and replaced all the paper products. it took me over 30 minutes.

I hung my head in shame as i opened the restroom and started to power walk to the storage closet, to avoid getting yelled at.

but then one little old lady (who was almost last in a massive 20+ person line) said "thank you for the work that you do here." i was speechless.

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