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Fellow Slave

It's more who's in after me or before me. I like my group in Customer Service.

Except one.
It could be clean and kept up with and she'd still find fault. I don't think she likes me, lol.


I always, always put a note in my google calendar with who I'm working with. Luckily lately (maybe because I'm going to school and my managers know I'm already under a lot of stress?) they've been sticking me with Colloquialism or Artie (not real name, promise!) because I love those two. xD


I always used to check. Better to be prepared than to get blindsided by the Idiot Crew.


Yep, at The Baby Store we had one supervisor who eventually quit to avoid being fired.

She was a nice enough person, but was extremely slow! She really just couldn't figure out the concept of getting started on things like unboxing shipment and cleaning before closing so that we got out at a reasonable time.
I was usually paired with her for two person closing shifts, probably because I was one of the few associates the manager trusted to pick up her slack. It sucked having to do so, though, because I'd be racing around the store trying to get things done.


Back when I worked retail - ALWAYS. Who I was going to be working with was every bit as important to me as when and what I was scheduled to be doing.

NC Tony

I usually don't worry about it. I work home and/or kids. For example, if I'm working home, Trouble (she's not really trouble, it's a running joke between us) is working kids. Or if I'm working kids Home Improvement (because he also works at Home Depot) is working home. Since I pretty much get along with most of the people I work with, it's just a matter of asking the manager which section they want/need me in.

However, with a lot of new people coming in a seasonal hires, things might change.


I always check the schedule to see who im working with. I have one coworker(lets call her wander)who will disappear from the desk and tell no one where shes going and leave whoever is up here to fend for themselves. I always look for her name.

Reliable Slave

Nowadays, I only check when I'm scheduled to close the main counter, just so I can get an idea of when we'll be getting out for the night. Everybody on our crew right now is a great employee, some just close quicker than others.

But back when I first started, I'd always check to see if my shift overlapped with my supervisor, AKA The Psychotic Tyrant B!tch from Hell. The stories I could tell about her... suffice to say, whenever our shifts overlapped, I was never doing the correct task, never performing the task I was doing correctly, and never moved fast enough. And she always jumped at the chance to chew me - or anybody else in the department for that matter - out at the slightest perceived screw-up. Probably the hardest thing I ever had to do when working for her was not jump for joy when she told me she was leaving the department.


Ab-so-freaking-lutely. There were certain coworkers who made things difficult for everyone, so I'd double-check to see who was working so I could at least mentally prepare myself. One guy always came in hung-over so you know he'd be no good for that shift, and there was one woman who set my teeth on edge so I'd avoid her like the plague. There was nothing I could do about it, but the depts were usually large enough that I could assign myself tasks on the other end if I thought I might be working with idiots that shift.

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