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Quinoa (keenwah) Usually get KeyNOah.

Beautiful Patience

I work at a greenhouse. Listening to people try to pronounce the names of plants is hilarious.
"Hi, I was wondering if you had any host-uhs? And some etch-in-ay-see-uh?"
(And of course these are the people who are MASTER GARDENERS, thankyouverymuch.)


What's a 'host-uhs'? Hostess?

And I thought quinoa was kwin OH ah. That's how I usually hear it pronounced on tv on the rare occasion I see a news program...

Reliable Slave

Probably our Rosmarino ham. It's pronounced "Rose-mah-ree-no," but I've heard everything from "Rose-mario" to "Ross-mare-eye-now" to "Rose-me-oh" and everything in between. Sadly, the custys still get it wrong no matter how many times we (politely) correct them.

Buxy Barista

Green apron here; I've heard 'Pikes Peak' or 'Pike palace' instead of 'pike place' (in reference to a specific blend we brew) but by far are the multiple mispronounciations of 'macchiato' (mah-kee-ah-toe). I've heard 'machachino', 'macarena', 'match-ee-ay-toe', 'matchtachino', and 'mack-a-hatto'. I'm sure myself and others have heard others as well

Miss Red

Quesadilla - "Kwesa-dilluh"
jalapeno - "Jalla-peeno"

Retired from Hell

OK, I'm going to get a bit pedantic here and clear up the mystery of how to pronounce Quinoa.
This is a Spanish spelling of a native word from Peru and thereabouts. In Spanish, 'qu' is pronounced like a 'k' instead of its English pronunciation of 'kw.'
'I' is pronounced like our long 'e.' 'N' is just 'n,' and that much gives us 'keen.'
'Oa' is a dipthong, where 2 letters are said as if they were just one; even in English, if you say 'oh-ah' really fast, you get 'wah.' And strung together it's keen-wah. Which rhymes with 'tah-daaah!


Most of the people I deal with refer to "spayed" as "spaded". It drives me batshit insane.

Psy W

Asiago. I've heard stuff like "Asia-go", "Asian", "a-zee-go-go". Sadly, a lot of the time, it's right after we correctly pronounce it on the speaker.


The Greek lamb sandwich is a YEE-ROH. Not a jye-roh like gyroscope, though that one I'll forgive because going by English phonetics that's right. But if you call it a GUY-roh, you should be shot. No way in Hades that's a hard G.

The Last Archimedean

Huh. Next time I'm in my favorite Greek restaurant, I'll have to ask about that. Because I've been pronouncing it a YEAR-oh, and no one's ever said anything to me.

Cardboard Cutout

I don't know what McHells was thinking, but they named their carmel shake "Dulce de Leche" because that's not hard at all. My favorite mispronunciation of the name has to be when someone asked for the "Ducky Lucky" shake.


Whenever we have something Mexican, the residents butcher it. Quesadilla becomes kay-sa-dilla. Fajitas are fa-gee-tas (or fa-gee-nas). Actually, anything that isn't english or part of traditional New England cuisine, we get butchered pronounciations and some one shouting at me for having a that particulae item.


I'm with cece, I worked at a place with gyros...owned by a greek family and even they said they had to let it go bc everyone pronouces it differently even when they are corrected..thats the only one that sticks out in my head at the moment even though I work in food service and have for a long time..


I was typing after midnight with a cold, I could be fuzzy, but aren't yee-ro and year-o pronounced the same? You've got it right Archimedean. That's why they don't grit their teeth when you order.
I actually had to change MY pronunciation more than once because when I said "and do you want everything on the gyro" they didn't get it, and didn't know what I was talking about. That was infuriating.
My FIL says "baka-lava." I am so proud of never having handed him a Hooked On Phonics brochure. THERE ARE ONLY THREE A'S YOU NIMWIT!
And I'm sorry, but I ADORE "Ducky Lucky". That's just precious! I mean, not while you're pulling a muscle trying not to laugh, but that's just adorable. Ducky Lucky. I will giggle about that all day.


With gyros, if you're from southwest PA and parts of West Virginia, it's pronounced exactly how it looks (ji-row) unless you happened to known someone of Grecian descent.

I personally haven't heard this one and it's not related to food. I live in West Virginia, not Western Virginia.


When I worked retail selling watches, people would coming in looking for Tag Heuer, pronouncing it Hew-er (rhymes with sewer). The correct pronunciation is "Hoyer" (rhymes with foyer).


@Miss Red,

Seriously? Who the fuck doesn't know how to pronounce the names of basic Tex-Mex dishes?

Projection Peon

My favorite was we had somebody always ask for the Crackhouse ham (spelled Krakus) during my days in a deli.

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