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Wow. I've never had adults do that, only experienced it with kids and they're usually younger and need help. Usually the parent will take over or I'll just start counting it out in front of them if they're learning some independence ;)


Or they literally can't count, and this is their way of disguising it.

Poor numeracy skills are frighteningly common.

Scrapyard Ape

I actually prefer that they do that. I can count their change about 30 times faster than they can. It really speeds things up, and that's good for me if I have a line of customers waiting.


Never had that happen to me, but I did catch myself thinking last night, when a customer started messing around with their change to pay me, "god almighty the line is 3-deep at this bar and you think you have time to f*ck around with change? Count it BEFORE you order your goddamn drinks!"

Sales Agent Guy

I hate people who pay in small coins, ESPECIALLY those who have bags of pennies!

NC Tony

As long as you don't have a long ass line, be condescending and count it out to them slowly, as if you're teaching a small child about money for the first time.

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