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I'm in Canada too and I always tip, I don't consider it the "cheese on the poutine" at all. The pizza place I order from charges a $3.75 delivery fee ... the driver does not get that. Likely your driver does not get it either. Pizza drivers are usually given some money for mileage but it isn't something that covers the actual price of gas. There is also wear and tear on their vehicle that they pay out of pocket for. Always tip your pizza guy.

As for the smoking I probably wouldn't order from that place anymore, as I am allergic and just the smell can set me off.

I tip my hairstylist, my esthetician, taxi drivers the coffee shop as well as servers and bartenders.


I think I'm with gamestoregirl on this one. Is the food worth $20? If so, chow down and smile. If not, get your food somewhere else and/or make your own dinner.

However, tasting of cigarette smoke? That would be an instant deal-breaker, right there.


The Last Archimedean

Agree. I always tip my delivery driver. If I can't afford a tip, I don't order the food.


Yep. Tip drivers! But I wouldn't be using a pizza place whose driver smokes in his car as he's delivering pizzas. Gross. His car is an extension of the restaurant, and we don't allow smoking in restaurants now do we?


I'm in the States, but I agree with the rest of the comments. The place I generally order from has a $3.75 delivery fee, but I always tip the driver as well. In chatting with them, I've learned two things that seem germane: first, most people don't tip the driver and second, those of us who do very quickly get a reputation with the drivers. I don't know that the reputation helps very much, but I do know that it put me at the top of the delivery list at least once.


Last time I ordered pizza for delivery I ordered online and the site specifically said the delivery fee does not go to the driver, please tip your driver. Seems like the delivery fee was even less than the $3.75, but I tipped him $5.

The delivery guy who showed up with my pizza having just broken his hand on someone's face as they tried to mug him (not in my neighborhood, a previous delivery to the ghetto) got tipped unusually well.


Nomnom: Yikes...

Yeah, delivery fees are more or less profit for the restaurant. I guess they're to cover the cost of the box or something. The drivers don't get it.

I always tip my drivers 5$, at least; one of them specifically thanked me for it, and I asked if that was a decent tip. He said it's the best one he gets, so they always make sure I get mine as soon as possible if an order comes in from me. :)


I always tip 20% (or more), for table service, or delivery. I know most folks who work as servers or delivery drivers are trying to make ends meet on crap pay, and I'm very thankful I'm making a liveable wage, so I try to pay it forward. I don't expect extra or better service, but as stated above, when you get a reputation for tipping well, they often do go the extra mile. I only order from places that allow online ordering, and I include the tip when I pay at the web-site....so the driver already knows what his tip is before he comes to bring my food - there's no dread that this next delivery won't tip well. There's one place I frequent, that the driver once told me that all the delivery people there know my address by reputation....and I notice they call me by name when they deliver. Yes, definitely tip your delivery driver, and tip him/her well.


here in the us most pizza places say that any delivery charge is not a tip paid to the driver, so I always tip a couple bucks, enough to cover the gas money to get to and from the store (most pizza delivery drivers have to use their own vehicle)


I've ordered my share of pizza delivered to home. My rule is to always tip a delivery driver more than if I were to have walked in and ordered, based on the fact that they have to pay for gas, maintenance, and their tip for delivering in the first place.


I usually tip around $5. There was one time I only had about $2 or so in change, but the place was only a few blocks away so I didn't feel too bad... then my at-the-time BF tried to give him a nug of weed to make up for it. I didn't let him answer the door any more after that.


Some places in the States have delivery fees too. I don't consider them to be a replacement for a tip because I don't imagine any of that money goes to the drivers.

I don't want to be rude, but the fact that you're paying a lot of money for a pizza for one person has zero relevance here. You made the decision to buy the pizza, and in doing so accepted the price. You made the decision to have it delivered, and in doing so accepted the added delivery fee.
The tip has nothing to do with those things. The tip is compensation for the service the driver is providing and how well they provided it (were they polite, did they get the pizza there still warm, etc). Now if you don't want to tip because you feel the service was bad, that's your prerogative, and if you don't want to tip because you just don't feel like it, that is technically also your prerogative.
I'm not going to say I think it's okay, though, because, as others have mentioned, pizza delivery is a tough gig. Along with being paid small wage,s you have to use your personal vehicle for work, are not compensated for maintenance required by the mileage you rack up, and sometimes not even for gasoline.


As a former delivery driver in Canada, I can say that some places, like PH only pay their drivers the delivery charge plus tips, so if people don't tip, they just barely cover the gas to get there.


personally I don't usually tip the drivers I also don't tip cab drivers in fact I'd say the only place I tip is waiters/waitresses in restaurants I should point out I live in the UK so we don't have the same tipping culture in the UK as in the US and I don't tip in restaurants as a matter of course only if I feel the service has deserved it.


I'm in the states but my hubby has worked for a couple of pizza places. One of them stated right on the receipt and the website the delivery fee did NOT go to the driver. If you are curious head the company website and see if you can find out but my guess would be that the driver doesn't get that $5.

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