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I think the Internet, at large, should lose the phrase "first world problem"
It dismisses concerns which might be really distressing to some people, and it's especially inappropriate to use when the topic is racism!

Secondly, even if you were to take the phrase literally it isn't true. Racism happens pretty much every where no matter how wealthy or impoverished a country is.

If it's really all the time I would make a complaint to management, and don't make it just about the fact that you don't want to hear it, although make it clear you do find it offensive, but also mention that since she works at the sales desk customers could potentially overhear it when she says something like that.


Uh, just a, uh... little... thing...

Racism, the driving factor behind: Holocaust, Slavery (in some instances), systematic oppression, mass violence and sex abuse, wars, genocides a-plenty, etc etc etc

So... not really a first-world problem, no. You might want to reconsider your classifications O___o;


No matter what your race is, that shit don't fly in most every company in the western world. (Maybe in a company that sells KKK or Nazi memoribilia?) Call HR, cuz that shit is a toxic workplace environment.

The Kid

Depending on where you live and the provincial/state laws, you could file a complaint based on her discriminatory comments. I know Ontario has the Human Rights Commission, where you can report someone for making any kind of discriminatory comment, even if you personally were not the target of the comment. You don't actually need to report it, but threatening to do so to the higher ups will get their attention and force them to do something about her.

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