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I feel you man. I have to deal with bankers fat fingering their passwords and then yelling at me because they can't remember them. And to think, these people deal with money....


I had the same problem with people derping their passwords and then blaming me for it... When you work in Amsterdam and have a long weekend, the fact that you can't remember your password, why your eyes are all red, how to spell your name or the color blue is not my fault.

#5, too. "Hi, this is TechTyger, can I --" "My number is (waytoofasttounderstand) call me back so I don't use my minutes (click)"

Uh, no. Even if I did get that, we TAKE calls, not make them.

What the hell kind of crappy savings account CHARGES you to withdraw your money, though?

The Last Archimedean

I usually just read off the number on my card, in conjunction with my name and birthday that's sufficient for the bank to ID my account.



If I'm not mistaken (and I might be) I know some banks with basic savings charge you to withdraw to try and encourage saving, for obvious reasons. But with my bank, if you link it to checkings they don't charge you for a number of withdrawals. Once you go over, you get hit with a fee.

Ridiculous but very effective in keeping me from dipping into savings more than once a month. >.>


I'm a banker and I see a lot of this in person. People come in and don't have their ID, don't believe in debit cards, left their checkbook at home, only know the last four of their social, etc. Your name is John Smith, no I'm not going to find you by your name, there are 5000 other people with the same name in our system.

I've been working in retail banking for over a year now and I have SO many stories I could tell. People have NO clue how banking works, they just have a vague idea of something their mama said 20 years ago. When I try to educate them to help avoid future issues, I get a snotty, "Well, my UNDERSTANDING was..." Your made-up understanding is not my problem. Shut up and listen to me.


They encourage saving by taking money away from you? :P Glad I got into a credit union so many years ago...

Muna; "Your understanding is incorrect, that's why I'm trying to explain how it actually works."

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