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100% of the people at my work are working today.

Our promised lunch for evening shift is from 4-5, though evening shift doesn't start until 2. AND we have to have a meal ticket to get it. AND they don't cover food when not serving, because covers would be a waste of money.


oh, and the 25% discount is on ONE purchase during a two-day period and is automatically used on your first purchase, which makes it very likely to be accidentally used on a lucnh


I wonder if, by 'an additional day's pay' they mean an 8 hr. day, or a fuck-you-not-worth-one's-gas-to-come-in day...

NC Tony

Everyone at my job is required to work tonight as well.


We got deli fried chicken, potato salad, rolls, and pie. (None of which did me any good, since they laid it out at 11am, and I worked a 5am to 2pm shift, my lunch fell before 10.) Usually it's cold deli sandwiches, but corporate said "hot food" had to be provided. (eyeroll)

The "additional day's pay" is what everyone else on the planet calls holiday pay, The number of hours you get paid is based on your average shift- Walmart makes sure to cut shifts for a few weeks beforehand so your hourly average goes down. (I work full-time, my holiday pay was 7.3 hours) If you miss a shift before, day of, or the next scheduled shift after the holiday, you lose your holiday pay, like I did last year when I was kicked by my horse the day before Thanksgiving and had to miss 2 days of work.


I was just wondering how many of that 71% included upper management. If they've ten people on the board of directors, shouldn't seven of them be working today?


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