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Carbs aren't actually bad for you (Atkins and other diet plans are apparently about equally effective). And one of those veggies is three different cans. The overall point stands, mind.


I feel like you can't really slam Walmart in particular for this, because the things listed here are traditional American Thanksgiving foods, which does, in fact, usually only have one main protein (turkey), and shit-tons of carbs, fats and desserts. We eat crap. No one denies it. Ten bucks says the organic health-food stores also have versions of all of this stuff as well.


Confused by this... it is Thanksgiving- a holiday we mostly celebrate by gorging on delicious foods that are mostly not that great for us. Most people eat a gigantic Thanksgiving dinner and eat until they are about to pop... THEN eat pie on top of that! It is almost a given that most people are going to enjoy a big Thanksgiving feast with their families. I'm pretty sure they don't advertise stuff like this everyday. There are plenty of other reasons to hate Walmart- now the person who made this is just nitpicking and probably thinks they're being sooo clever. :P


Meh, they are advertising the things that people are actually planning to buy.

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