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Joe the Cigar Guy

And you can bet the rent money that when it's pointed out to the driver, he/she will say, "Oh, I didn't KNOW".


S/he Doncare.


To be fair, you'd need to see who was parked how earlier in the day to judge who's at fault.

For example, if the vehicle parked to the right before the SUV was over the line and the people in the hatchback needed to maneuver a wheelchair out the right side, the hatchback's parking position might be quite reasonable. (Under those circumstances, if they parked square in the lines in the left disabled space, then the right disabled space would be unusable.) Under that scenario, the infringing vehicle leaves, the SUV arrives and parks correctly, and the hatchback's position is no longer reasonable even though they haven't moved.

Of course, the hatchback's driver might be a complete jerk too, but a snapshot in time isn't necessarily the whole story.

Sales Agent Guy

"Oh, I didn't KNOW."

Then you need your vision checked, stupid!


Let me get the forklift...I'll just dump it into a dumpster.

NC Tony

Where's my baseball bat?

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