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Comments on Failblog where this was posted first indicate the pic comes from a private/charter school, not a public institution.


I don't care if this is a 10,000 a year private school- if you want to charge someone $10 for "missing a grain" you had better give the child something more then Ritz crackers.

NC Tony

I was about to say, if this was from a public school, they would be getting a snarky note (and no money) back.


Potatoes are mainly known for their carbohydrates, and fiber equivalent to whole grains. Yet because they aren't considered a 'grain' they don't count it as a balanced meal. Meanwhile you give the children over processed wheat products as an effective substitute. What a well educated meal plan.


I would have such a shit fit at that school. We are primal - we don't eat grains. Period.


For $5, my kid had better been given the whole damn box. I understand they are promoting healthy eating, but wouldn't a piece of wholewheat bread be better than Ritz?


So if the kid's lactose intolerant or vegetarian, the parents get fined $5/day for their entire school careers? Sounds like revolution time in Canada.


the "fine" was removed the next day, this incident occurred a year ago, and the woman "fined" was on the board of directors that created and approved the policy. When it was applied to her she became a "crusty". But by all means get out the internet pitchforks before knowing all the details. from another discussion about this " the daycare was not actually allowed to charge a fee for mandatory supplementing food. Furthermore, the day care removed the charge the very next day when mom brought it to their attention. The day care was reprimanded by Manitoba Family Services as well.

Finally, and most idiotically, mom was a chair on the board for the day care and was part of the board that made the decision to implement the very fee she herself is whining about being charged. Half the reason she was angry was because she got charged while being a board member."

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