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Since Wal-mart claims to be taking steps to minimize risk to employees.. let's eliminate it and get rid of the crowds all together. Black Friday Shopping should be gotten rid of. No great deals, no limited quantities - change the culture.


Dear 'Murica,

What the fuck is wrong with you?




So, if corporations are people, can we skip the lawsuit and change this to a manslaughter charge?

NC Tony

It's been five years. I think they should have five extra zeroes added to their fine, making $7,000 into $700,000,000.

Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, Wal-Mart should be getting penalized even further for refusing to pay the fine. I'd think if a normal person was ordered to pay a fine, they have to do so within a certain timeline or face further consequences.

All because Wal-Mart doesn't want a black mark on their record and be forced to actually, you know, CARE about their fucking slaves!

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