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Joe the Cigar Guy

A talking snake, a 900 year old man, a virgin birth, multi-headed demons: I think that labeling is very accurate.

Zellie Crescent

Exactly! My family (even though they're religious) would laugh at that, other people like that pastor (or my aunt Rose) would get super upset and flip a shit and write the papers or demand someone be fired.


Since it was written by a bunch of men way after the 'facts' were depicted, I would say fiction is a correct label.


*sighs heavily* At least Costo chose to be the bigger man and appeased the them rather than start a flame war over it with the village idiots. Because we all know what happens when you argue with the idiots...


We have a "Religion" section to file books under JUST so nobody gets in a tizzy. Binary "fiction/nonfiction" is a ridiculous way to class books.


It's a decent storybook, if you skip the "begat" stuff. Dude living in a whale? It's like Pinocchio! (Yes, I'm an atheist; yes, I've read the whole thing. Definitely fiction. New testament probably has SOME fact in it, but... still fiction.)


There are two labels on it, overlapped, and someone tried to peel the bottom one off. I call fake. On both.

NC Tony

From the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter". A conversation between Ambrose Bierce (Michael Parks) and Mary Newlie (Rebecca Gayheart)

Bierce: My singular critique of the Good Book, is that its covers are too far apart.
Mary: Excuse me?
Bierce: I am of the opinion that the, uh, Bible, is perhaps, the greatest assemblage of lies and untruths ever gathered together, with the possible exception of the Congressional record.
Mary: Are you an atheist, sir?
Bierce: Yes, ma'am. Thanks to your God. I am an atheist.
Mary: Then there is no hope for your soul on the final day. When Gabriel blows his horn, your ears will be deaf to the resounding tone of its glory, Mr. Bierce.
Bierce: Oh no. On the contrary, when Gabriel blows his horn, I shall be playing the tuba.

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