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I am so grateful that I don't have to work in this environment, in New Zealand we have 11 statutory days off, Christmas, Easter, and others, (all paid for or time and a half and a paid day off if you are working these days). Christmas and Easter shops must close unless you are an essential service, fuel, convenience etc. as well as four weeks per year paid holiday. If you are a casual worker you get 8% added to your pay to cover your holiday pay.
This is the same if you are on salary or not, if you work on that day your salary is adjusted.
Minimum pay is NZ$14.50 or USD$11.90 per hour (nz$580 USD$476. Per week) And there is no tipping unless the servers do above and beyond. Come to NZ, we need skilled workers, we are desperate. pleeeease.....


Also once you become a resident you get universal healthcare. True for some minor things there is a wait list but if you get something major you are straight in to get it seen to. With no bill to pay afterwards, in some areas if you can't get to the doctor they have busses and taxis (paid for) to get you there . Hernia wait list is two months, but you get 80% of your pay while you are not working waiting for the operation or you can go private for about NZ $2000 unless you have health insurance (voluntary)
Two years ago there was a wait list suddenly appear for something for kids (grommets or something) so the government flew the kids and the carers to another country to get them taken care of, and flew them back the next day.


.... Well then. New Zealand is the next trip I want to take.. maybe I will make it permanent.

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