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eh, karma will get them in the end if their intentions were wrong.

the other possibility is that they received the two 'fancy' packs of bacon in their sack from the food drive, and said "holy crap, we certainly don't need ultra-fancy bacon MORE than we need the $30" and decided to try and return it.

If they use that money for something frivolous, like booze, then i hope lightening strikes them down.

but, maybe they took the cash and filled their gas tank or bought $30 worth of 'real' essentials. in college, i could buy a LOT of cheap groceries for $30.

my friend works for feeding america, and she asked me tag along on her 'household survey' visit to a particular food drive up in the north woods of WI, which is usually a very lonely 2 hour drive for her. there were nearly 200 people that came through, all patiently waiting for their food drive goods in the line outside. no fancy cars in the church parking lot, no spendy flashy bags on the ladies' arms...just people trying to grab their rationed sack(s) in an orderly fashion, and get it home before the frozen goods thawed. out of the 10 people that agreed to take the household survey, 9 of them didn't even know how to operate the ipad that was used for the survey.

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