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I really don't get people who don't get charity purchases. Were they not paying attention to the fact that ALL OF THE MONEY GOES TO CHARITY? Every now and again, my store would have these charity coupon deals, where you would make a donation to the charity, and get a coupon. Everything was outlined for them, they bought the coupon, got the discount on their item, then left. But sometimes we would get people who would return the items.
"Oh, and I bought that $5 thing. I need to get $5 more back, right?"
"No, the coupon was a charity purchase. That money gets donated to charity. I cannot refund it."
*commence tantrum*

Retail Fairy 007

I used to work for Soul's too and I hated it when I had customers like that. However, I don't blame all of them. I don't know if Soul's still does this or not, but they used to have an automated voice recording on the loud speaker claiming that if the custy signed up for a Soul's card, they could save "15% on everything in the store, YES, WE MEAN EVERYTHING". Which, really is false advertising since the charity items count as everything.


Oh man, they have Peanuts plushes? I gotta get down to Kohl's!

How black is your heart when you try to give less to charity? It's like taking Tiny Tim's crutch.


I too work at Soul's. had this happen many a time. They also get angry that the charity items don't go toward earning the dreaded Soul's Cash. We call it Grey Thursday at my store. (The black from Friday bleeding into Thursday) I did sign up to open, but I only put that I wanted to work until 6am. Thought that if I was one of the few who volunteered that I could catch a break on that. NOPE. 7:30pm-7:30am. Plus a CS shift on Wed night that is 8.5 hours supposedly ending at midnight. (HA!)I have to drive out of state for Thanksgiving. I won't be getting ANY sleep.

Oh, they have stopped saying, "Yes, we mean EVERYTHING" because of the new fancy things we stock. The companies we get them from don't allow discounts on their products. (Like Dr Dre Headphones and H2O Beauty)

Expect Great Things.

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