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I can't remember who said "there's three sides to every story - yours, theirs and the truth", but that's probably what applies here. She probably was as involved in frantically tearing at the pallet in something of a frenzy as all the other shoppers, so was contributing to the whole situation and being a 'competitive shopper', instead of being the fairly angelic shopper simply meekly trying to get a good deal on Xboxes, as claimed above, but it is perfectly believable that the reason she pulled out the pepper spray and used it is because the crush was putting her and her kids in danger.


This is disgusting! Her kids were being attacked by fully grown men and women as she was being trampled! She had every right to pepper spray the shit out of the crowd!

That said I too don't believe she was just a naive little angel trying to get an xbox. Regardless though, Walmart's "attempts" at settling were so out of line. Thank goodness she had the attorney there.

NC Tony

If someone attacked my kid, I would do everything to save them, even if it meant risking my own safety. I would have no regrets about beating the shit out of someone with whatever weapon came to hand to save him. Then again I would never go shopping with him on Black Friday anyway so it's not really an issue.

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