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Retail Psycho

How dare people judge others for their lifestyle. As long as she did her job well the. What does it matter which gender partner she goes home to? And on a side note I know she's gay but I'd tap that


Seriously? They judged her over her hairstyle and name? I don't think it was any of ther business what her sexual orientation is. I have short hair for a woman. So what? It's easier to take care of. I also go by a short male form of my name for two reasons. 1. I prefer it. 2. I know of a few other women named Danielle/Danyele. Or however they choose to spell it.


I don't agree with her lifestyle either.

Seriously, a non-Asian working at an Asian restaurant? What sort of messages does that send kids?!


Of course, now that it's hit the social media, people are going to flock to her to offer kind words and generous tips. I admit, even though Facebook has ensured that nobody will ever get elected ever again (seriously, people post shit on facebook that will disqualify them for any public office ever...), I'm soo glad it also allows REAL human beings to go 'Please don't pay any attention to that moron, the rest of us aren't like that!"


Was this a while ago, or just a few days? I really hope she doesn't get fired for posting these...


Even if she does get fired, if we learned anything from the last one of these, she'll get a tonne of money for no apparent reason. Also unless I'm missing something, where does it say that what they have an issue with is her sexual orientation?


I think they saw a female with short hair and assumed she is queer*, whether that means trans* or a butch lesbian. They don't know her, so they judged her "lifestyle" on her appearance.

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