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Calluna Vulgaris

I would understand if the server felt the mother was drunk in charge of the baby, but that's not the case here. This server should learn some physiology. An standard alcoholic drink (14g ethanol) produces a maximal ethanol content of 0.3g/litre in breastmilk. Even if the mother had 5 drinks, that's 1.5g/litre, translating to a tiny 0.3g ethanol in a 200 ml feed. This is parenting nazism, based on fears and not on facts.


This is sort of a grey area and I don't think we have enough facts.
Drinking alcohol whilst pregnant or breast feeding is a tricky one, some people say none, some people say moderation is fine. Judging by the comment above, it's unlikely to be enough alcohol to really hurt the baby.
So then it's a case of drunk and in charge of a child - and the thing is, that can't be that uncommon, can it? I've been to family parties, weddings and the like, where every adult had been drinking and children were running around, and I'd have been disgusted if anyone called the police to say the kids were in danger.
I'm going with the waitress should have kept her mouth shut maybe. She might not approve, but I don't approve of children in restaurants at 9pm at night running around and I don't call the police on them.


That said one wonders why Connors hadn’t simply mattered the incident to management, thus saving herself the imposition of being perceived of acting out of bounds, a perception that management may have been harboring until the recent final straw.


Sachimi Sushi

Adults drinking at a wedding are not forcibly giving alcohol to the children running around. Drinking while breastfeeding, even if it's a tiny amount, is forcing the child to consume any amount of alcohol. I say she did the right thing.


1. Waitress, unless she was an educated pediatrician, absolutely should have minded her own business.
2. No parent ever EVER wants to be told in public that they are being a bad parent. Some parents are stupid and make bad decision, yes, but unless it is your kid or the kid is obviously in danger, please mind your own business. Alcohol in small amounts will not harm a breastfeeding child.
Waitress absolutely should have been fired.

Sophie Fraser

Miss Conners was there for a staff meeting. Management was notified by the server and Miss Conners. The response was to keep serving them. Miss Conners was advised by a friend who was a mandated reporter to notify the police. They could determine if there was any wrongdoing and secure the child's safety. Ms. Adams admitted to police she had been drinking while breastfeeding. She was arrested. A family member had to be called in to take the child home because none of her party were fit to drive

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